Chakra Shift
Chakra shifting and rebalancing service


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At Chakra Shift we offer a discreet service to assist in rebalancing your inner energy and will make sure it is in tune with the universe and you are ready to enjoy love and life.
We have four therapists at Chakra Shift, three female and one male, available together in same or mixed gender combinations; or you can see just one therapist. Please phone or email for details.

Chakra Shift

An exciting, new, discreet service to assist in your journey of self discovery.

Chakra Shift for ladies
Treatments can include combinations of reiki, yoga, tantra and yoni massage.
Usually peformed by our female therapists but a male therapist is available or they are available together.
Treatments for ladies are slow, sensual, soft and subtle but can be modified to suit personal requirements. Come and relax in a safe space.
Chakra Shift
If you are looking to discover your inner self in a safe space and calm environment we have the right service for you.

If you just don't feel how you know you should feel your chakras could be blocked or out of alignment then you can feel drained and lacking in energy and sexual drive. With a combination of the appropriate practices and treatments we can assist you in your journey to recovery or discovery or rediscovery.

Chakra Shift for gentlemen and couples

Treatments can include combinations of reiki, yoga, tantra and lingam massage.