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Chakra Shift Ruby Rivers

The unforgettable, unforgotten Ruby Rivers is our Chakrashift Therapist on the east side of Southampton.

Chakra Shift Ruby

Ruby has a sweetness about her and she is kind, intelligent and compassionate.
Clients immediately feel relaxed in her presence.
She provides a wonderful escape from all the stress of everyday life with the reputation of excellence.
You will feel the difference in the session and going forward in life.

Working from a pure heart she can help you find the key to unblocking your Chakras and letting your energy flow freely again. She can relieve your symptoms of unease giving you the sense of well-being again, boosting your confidence and zest for life.

The issues and illnesses associated with blocked energies and Chakras within you can manifest themselves in so many different ways: physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Often people know they have a problem or just don't feel right but have no idea what is wrong or what is the cause.

With nurturing, care and dedication to you personally, Ruby's bespoke treatments can balance your inner energies and allieviate physical, emotional, traumatic and sexual problems.

Ruby will determine what unique treatment is best suited to you.
Please note: this assessment can only be done face to face... be honest with yourself and with Ruby and she will intuitively provide you with the best treatment.


Ruby has studied many energy techniques for wellness and attends regular training courses all over the UK and holds numerous qualifications from various Universities, Colleges and Associations. (These include anatomy and physiology, acupuncture for sports massage and training in councelling skills).

Note to men: Ruby's treatments are not sexual. Sessions come with a pure heart to help clients and patients obtain their freedom and best potential.
Sexual energies in the root Chakra can also be moved, of course, if unblocking is necessary and clients will obtain complete relaxation whilst feeling their energies shift and move more freely and that can include their sexual energies within the root Chakra.
If your intentions are along the sexual lines for booking then Ruby’s treatments are not for you, unless it is a sexual issue or unease that you’re experiencing.

Ruby can be contacted on the number below to make bookings.

Ruby does not enter into long text conversations. However symptoms and personal goals can be emailed on booking to save your time on your first treatment. Email is

Only detailed emails will be answered.

Thank you for reading Ruby's introduction and thank you for understanding about her.
Ruby is looking forward to meeting with you.

Ruby's contact number is 07981862279.