Chakra Shift
Chakra shifting and rebalancing service


Chakra Shift services and prices

Chakra Shift offers its services to ladies, gentlemen and couples.

We have a female therapist and a male therapist in Southampton available together or separately.

Chakra Shift

Chakra Shift is performed by one or two or three therapists.

You will lie on a massage couch and will start to drift into a deep level of relaxation as either 2 or 4 hands gently massage, caress and stroke any tired and aching muscles. Your inner energy will be moved and shifted through your chakras so that we can balance everything leaving you calm and relaxed. The sensation and experience is blissful.
You are in a safe space and can fully relax and this will help alleviate any physical or emotional tension.
Some people prefer to receive the treatment while they are fully uncovered; others prefer to be wrapped in warm towels.
We are very empathetic and will intuit your needs.

You can visit us in Southampton.

We are very close to the end of the M3 motorway and Southampton airport junction (5) of the M27 motorway.

Alternatively we can visit you in your own home.

If you would like to see our female therapist, Angie, on her own the minimum booking during is one hour and the cost is from £60 per hour.

It is imperative that male clients understand that this is a genuine massage service by a qualified masseuse  and is not a euphamism for anything sexual. She will remain dressed throughout the massage. There are no options for nude therapist, topless therapist, oral, reverse massage, sex. etc.. If you are thinking along these lines then this service is definitely not for you.

Angie is an extremely attractive lady in her early 30s and keeps herself very fit.
Because she is extremely kind, friendly, caring and thoughtful she is often busy so either Lucy or Martin will answer the phone on her behalf.

Please try and give us much notice as possible when requesting a booking or you can email her at

Contact number is 07707104304.

Chakra Shift for a lady or gentleman by two therapists

Chakra Shift is performed by two therapists at the same time, one female and one male.

The minimum booking duration is 1 hour and prices are from £90 per hour.

Chakra Shift is performed by two female therapists at the same time.

The minimum booking duration is 1 hour and prices are from £120 per hour.

Chakra Shift for a lady or gentleman by three therapists

Chakra Shift is performed by three therapists at the same time, two female and one male.

The minimum booking duration is 1 hour and prices are from £150 per hour.

There is a naturist option specifically for this massage and it is £300 per hour. No reverse touching of therapists permitted.
This is a genuine tantric massage and is not a euphamism for a different sort of service.

Please email giving your phone number and a suitable time to contact you to discuss arrangements or call 07707104304 for a detailed discussion. No drip feed of texted questions one at a time permitted.

Chakra Shift for couples

Chakra Shift is performed on couples by two therapists, one male and one female.

You choose who is treated by whom.

The minimum booking duration is 1 hour and prices are from £120 per hour.